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Secure CPU
Research roundup: Top security trends, ear-worn wearables

The cybersecurity scene is shifting once again. And ear-worn devices are the hot new sector of the wearables business. These are some of the latest findings from leading market watchers. Here’s your...

Microsoft HoloLens 2
Microsoft shows mixed reality for the real world

Mixed reality is moving quickly from science fiction to science fact. The technology got a boost this week from Microsoft. The company introduced the HoloLens 2, an update on its mixed-reality...

CompTIA chart on SMB self-assessment
SMBs need — and want — your help: new survey

In a world where small and midsized business customers can buy tech directly from vendor sites, Amazon and the local Best Buy, it’s nice to know they still need your help. A new survey finds that...

Data analytics
What’s coming next in data analytics?

There’s a whole lot of data out there. New analytics tools will help your customers use at least some of that data to make better business decisions. What’s coming? The market watchers at Gartner...

IoT rooftop
Discover the latest trends in IoT

Small businesses are unready for Internet of Things security. Organizations of all sizes are split on whether IoT is primarily a cost saver or revenue generator. And nearly two-thirds of IoT...