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Lenovo intros the ‘pay-for-what-you-use data center’

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by Peter Krass on 02/13/2019
Blog Category: cloud-and-data-centers

To help IT managers who'd rather think about business than boxes, Lenovo has just introduced a Hardware-as-a-Service offering.

Lenovo calls it TruScale Infrastructure Services. It’s a consumption-based subscription model for procuring IT resources. Customers will pay a single monthly fee based on their consumption of electricity (more on this below), and with no minimum requirements.

TruScale customers will also be able to choose whether their hardware gets installed on-premises or at some other location. Either way, they won’t have to purchase anything. And capacity can be scaled up or down, to help keep the IT infrastructure “right-sized”

What’s included

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile data-center servers are both available through the new TruScale program. Covered services include hardware installation, deployment, management, maintenance and removal.

Lenovo’s metering solution remains outside the customer’s data plane. The company says this lets customer enjoy the economics of the cloud, plus the security of on-prem hardware.

“Lenovo’s TruScale as-a-Service offering is truly revolutionary, changing how IT departments procure and refresh their data center infrastructure,” says Laura Laltrello, VP and GM of services in the company’s data center group. “With our subscription-based model, customers pay for what they use, eliminating up-front capital purchase risk.”

TruScale will be offered by both Lenovo sales and channel partners worldwide

Power on

TruScale fees are based on electrical consumption. A chip on the server motherboard runs analytics based on electrical use.

That may sound like an unusual way to measure computing use. In fact, electricity is the top cost of running a data center, Roderick Lappin, chief customer officer in Lenovo’s data center group, told CRN.

“It’s electricity running the infrastructure, running the air conditioning and cooling solutions,” Lappin added. “What we’re doing is building a subscription model that allows the CIO to see an electrical-consumption model invoiced monthly based on how they’re using the equipment.”

5 good reasons

If you’re wondering how Lenovo TruScale could help you or your customers, the company has responded with 5 benefits:

> Minimal up-front costs: Customers get the latest industry-leading equipment without initial high investment. They also get a monthly expense structure that reduces budget worries, offers tax benefits, and lets them allocate capital to bigger and better business priorities. And like the cloud, Lenovo's service switches CapEx spending to an OpEx basis.

> Responsive to unique needs: Customers can easily add or remove incremental capacity as needed. They can also upgrade hardware during the contract term to meet changing business goals.

> Reduced risk: Lenovo owns the hardware deployment and installation, speeding time to value and freeing up internal IT resources for higher-priority projects. Also, there’s no minimum capacity commitment, helping customers balance cost and flexibility.

> On-premises security and control: Cloud security worries are eased with the continued benefit of physical on-premises security and control. Customers own the security policy at the application layer and above, ensuring consistent and ultimate control of their environments.

> Maintenance, support, and management included:  Subscription terms are simple, and there’s just one monthly bill. Also, Lenovo Professional Services experts proactively monitor customers’ systems on a 24x7 basis to ensure maximum uptime. That can also free up customers to focus on their business rather than monitoring their hardware.

In other words, Lenovo has designed TruScale to be versatile, flexible and simple. If you have data-center customers who’d rather focus on business than boxes, they should find this solution attractive.

Learn more:

> Visit the Lenovo TruScale mini-site

> Download the Lenovo TruScale datasheet


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