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by Jorge on 10/21/2019
Blog Category: Cloud & Data Centers

Worldwide spending on IoT will reach more than one trillion dollars by 2022 with more than one billion connected devices by the end of the next decade, according to Forbes. Experts say now is the time to invest in the Internet of Things, and the verticals are limitless.

EWC Technologies has found IoT success with a scalable, high-powered processor. Zachary Hazen, chief visionary officer at EWC Technologies, explains why his product is necessary, “The smaller IoT sensors and machines out there lack the processing power to handle some of the more intense applications that are growing with IoT.”

EWC overcomes that problem with its full power, customizable computer. It has Power over Ethernet capabilities but is small enough to be used almost anywhere, including in-vehicle applications, digital signage and video surveillance. EWC couldn’t have developed the product without the Intel NUC.

Intel has expertise in the IoT realm, probably more than any company that we’ve encountered,” says Hazen, “and that’s both on the marketing side and the technology side.”

Jason Kimrey, general manager of US channel scale and partners at Intel, attributes that expertise to Intel’s broad ecosystem. “We have access and visibility to a range of partners that participate and can help solution providers engage and learn in this space,” says Kimrey.

Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions teach partners how IoT can solve customer problems and ultimately take those solutions to market. You also get an inside look at what other Intel partners are doing in verticals such as smart cities, retail, education, healthcare and more. “Market Ready, that program has been in place, now, for two years,” explains Todd Garrigues, director of partner sales programs at Intel. “Last year, we saw amazing growth and over 1,500 deployments. So, that’s 1,500 unique deployments of a Market Ready solutions.”

Now is the time to learn about IoT. But, it’s not something you can tackle alone. Intel recommends partnering with vendors, solution providers and integrators you trust for a truly successful solution.