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by Jorge on 10/21/2019
Blog Category: Cloud & Data Centers

Global IT spending is expected to grow, this year, according to Gartner. This means you will have to get more strategic with your portfolio mix—a challenge when you spend most of your time in an office. Thankfully industry events can get you the exposure you need. Director of Partner Sales Programs at Intel Corporation, Todd Garrigues, says Intel creates such an environment geared toward partner growth and success at its event, Intel Partner Connect. “We’re really excited about the opportunity for our partners here at Partner Connect to network, to see new innovation and new technology but also to build relationships that then help drive business opportunities for them.”

Exposure to Intel technology not yet released to the public is just one of the benefits of attending Intel Partner Connect. However, Maurice De Vera, co-owner and head of business development for Intel partner EWC Technologies says the people are the most valuable part of the event, “This is a pivotal show for us, because of the relationships that we’re building. Other companies can come and try to do the same things we’re doing, but it’s the partnerships, it’s the relationships that we’re building with influential people in the industry.”

De Vera says Intel Partner Connect helps his business stand out among the competition because of the bonds he is able to build with peers, and also because of the personal relationship he’s able to foster with his strategic vendor partner—Intel.

“Our focus is our ecosystem,” Garrigues says, echoing De Vera’s view. “We have great technology, but everything we do is dependent upon our partners.”

Small businesses like EWC Technologies aren’t the only ones who benefit from an event like Intel Partner Connect. Large distributors such as Synnex say the experience in unmatched.

“You have access to the folks you need. You can take in three or four hours and do what would take weeks through email,” says Joe Pittillo, vice president of services at Synnex Corporation. “This is the one to come to.”

This year’s Intel Partner Connect was the largest yet, boasting more than 1,100 partners—that’s more than double the number of partners who attended five years ago.