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by Jorge on 10/21/2019
Blog Category: Cloud & Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a concept. According to Forbes, AI is impacting virtually every industry, including education, transportation and entertainment. As your customer base grows, AI can generate insights with speed and accuracy that humans can’t. “This market is really the next big wave of growth,” says Jason Kimrey, general manager of U.S. channel scale and partners at Intel Corporation. “It’s a fast-changing world, and I often like to say, ‘if you’re not doing the disrupting, you’re likely being disrupted.’”

Staying on top of the latest trends starts by partnering with the right vendor. Intel has invested more than one billion dollars in AI through acquisitions and innovation in technology, such as programmable and AI-enabled chips, autonomous vehicle software, data center solutions and more. “We are taking, really, a 360 view on the market and investing in the areas where we believe it’s critical to be able to participate in this space for a long time,” Kimrey says.

“One of our primary focuses on-site is, really, talking about where we think the growth is coming for the channel and helping lead our partners to be successful in those segments like IoT or AI and analytics,” echoes Todd Garrigues, director of partner sales programs at Intel Corporation.

One path to partner success is Intel’s OpenVINO™ Developer Toolkit–designed to help channel partners accelerate their IoT deployments. Combine that with Intel® Core™ or Intel® Xeon® Processors for up to eight times the performance boost in your data analytics. “The reality is our Xeon® Scalable Platform is the best platform to run most of the workloads that are in AI that are run today,” says Kimrey. “We will continue to invest in our flagship Xeon® Platform as the best platform for analytics.”

If you’re concerned about efficiently managing the increase of data and IoT use in the coming years, consider investing in AI solutions. Get started by partnering with a vendor who has the tools you’ll need to adapt and thrive.