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More than half of email is now read on a mobile device. AI will soon be part of all new software. And spending on the public cloud shows no sign of slowing.

Those are the top-line forecasts from 3 new reports. Want to hear more? Here’s your solution provider’s summary:

Mobile email growing

Do you know how your customers are reading their email?

Turns out that more than half (55%) of all email is now opened on a mobile device, up from nearly a third (29%) in 2012. That’s according to a new survey report from Return Path, a provider of email software.

To get its data, Return Path says it analyzed more than 27 billion email opens during the period May 2016 to April of this year.

Webmail opens — email opened on an internet browser like Gmail — dropped by 25 percent over the last 5 years; it now represents 28 percent of opens, Return Path says.

Desktop email, including Outlook, had the lowest share of opens: 16 percent, down from 34 percent in 2012.

To learn more, get Return Path’s full report, The Email Client Experience (registration required).

AI spreading everywhere

Artificial intelligence may seem like one of those good ideas that never gains traction in the real world. But if the prognosticators at Gartner are correct, that will soon change.

The research and advisory firm now predicts that by 2020 — just 3 years away — AI will be “virtually pervasive” in almost every new software product and service. Also by that year, AI will be among the top 5 investment priorities for more than 30 percent of CIOs, Gartner predicts.

This shift to AI-powered software may not be easy. More than half the respondents to a recent Gartner survey said they lack necessary staff skills in AI. Perhaps that’s why many respondents also said they’d prefer to buy an embedded or packaged AI solution over software that’s custom-built.

Public-cloud spending keeps rolling

Spending on the cloud show every sign of remaining strong, according to the latest forecast from market watcher IDC. It expects public-cloud spending worldwide to reach $266 billion by 2021, marking a 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21 percent.

The United States will take the lion’s share, IDC predicts. U.S. buyers will account for fully 60 percent of worldwide revenue for public cloud services. That will come to $163 billion in 2021, IDC says.

The fastest-growing U.S. markets for public-cloud spending will be professional services, media, retail and telecom, IDC predicts. It also believes the U.S. industries that will spend the most on public-cloud services will be discrete manufacturing, professional services and banking.

Software as a Service (SaaS) will remain the dominant form of cloud computing, IDC expects. That will translate into about 65 percent of all public-cloud spending this year, and nearly 60 percent in 2021.

Two other forms of cloud — Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS and PaaS) — will account for smaller sales, but those sales will grow much faster than the overall market, IDC predicts. The market watcher expects sales of both to grow at a 5-year CAGR of 30 percent.


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