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  • What’s wrong with IT?

    IT departments are generally failing to provide the new capabilities their organizations are clam

  • Get ready for USB4, coming soon

    The popular USB standard — the U doesn’t stand for “ubiquitous,” but it might as well — is about

In the Zone

HP EliteBook 800
Today's PC business according to Dell & HP

What’s the current state of the PC business? Dell and HP, two of the biggest PC suppliers, just gave tech providers a glimpse. Both suppliers this week reported quarterly financial results that...

SMB cloud computing
How SMBs use the cloud: pretty much like enterprises

Small and medium businesses use the cloud, but they use it differently than big enterprises, right? Actually, not so much. A new survey report finds SMBs use the cloud in ways that are surprisingly...

Microsoft HoloLens 2
Microsoft shows mixed reality for the real world

Mixed reality is moving quickly from science fiction to science fact. The technology got a boost this week from Microsoft. The company introduced the HoloLens 2, an update on its mixed-reality...

CompTIA chart on SMB self-assessment
SMBs need — and want — your help: new survey

In a world where small and midsized business customers can buy tech directly from vendor sites, Amazon and the local Best Buy, it’s nice to know they still need your help. A new survey finds that...